Overcoming Organizational Challenges to Unleash the Business Benefit of Sustainability

Monica Batchelder & Erik Mohn

About the Session

  • Companies are announcing sustainability commitments at unprecedented pace. This is good news but, to achieve these goals, sustainability programs must be scaled and integrated across the organization. Often, the roadblocks to this are organizational challenges within companies.
  • Putting sustainability at the center of a corporation’s business strategy requires a shift in perspective and cultural transformation, which must start with its leadership. This isn’t limited to simply changing the narrative; executives must align on the company’s ambition and be held accountable.
  • The skills needed to lead sustainability programs is rapidly evolving. New skills and tools are required to meet the rapidly evolved demands of sustainability as a cross-functional business strategy integration process. A key challenge faced by CSOs today is planning for how the business and sustainability practice will evolve as opposed to addressing only acute needs.

Visionary 200 Sustainability Summit

Presentation Style: Thought Leadership

Audience Type: Sustainability, Environmental, Social, Governance, Supply Chain


Monica Batchelder
Chief Sustainability Officer


Monica Batchelder directs a global team at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) focused on driving the business value of sustainability and solving social and environmental challenges in collaboration with key stakeholders. She guides the development and management of strategic programs and collaborates with senior leaders across the organization to ensure the integration of environmental, social, governance (ESG) into the company’s business strategy. Prior to joining HPE, Ms. Batchelder built sustainable business strategies at a boutique consulting firm in Sydney, Australia, advising multinational corporations and NGOs on corporate sustainability, collective impact, and brand purpose.

Erik Mohn
VP, Global Sustainability Delivery

Schneider Electric

As the VP of Global Sustainability Delivery, Erik leads Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Services team in support of corporate clients, delivering strategic support, value creation, and innovation in the areas of energy and sustainability. Erik’s teams assist clients in reporting managing and reporting environmental and ESG data. They also implement operational and supply chain sustainability assessments, set ambitious goals and targets, and create governance and frameworks to manage the current and future sustainability of their organizations.  Erik has worked in the environmental management and sustainability space for 20 years, including roles in the consulting, utility, and public sector, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville. ​